5 Quick Recipes that ACTUALLY helped me Lose Weight!

Hello there it’s me Natalie new year, still lazy. I love the kitchen. I love cooking. I love all that stuff’s, not everyday. I need easy recipes a thumbs up. If that’s, you as well. These are the recipes that have helped me lose weight fast.

All of these recipes are under 10 minutes. They’re super easy. They’re tasty require no cooking allelujah. If you can cut, if you can chop, if you can make, you are good with these recipes. Also huge shout to new for sponsoring this part of the video nu has been super essential in my health journey, really really appreciate how in-depth this app is.

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You have to really visualize and believe that it can happen, but in fact people that stick to this program tend to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. I’m, just saying it’s pretty amazing, so I highly recommend you to go down below and take 3 30 second quiz at noon, calm and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Now this recipe does not look the prettiest, but it tastes so good and keeps me full, which is all I really care about. So for this recipe, all you’re gonna need is 1/4 of a cup of oat. You’re gonna mix in 2.

Teaspoons of chia seeds then add about 3/4 cups of blueberries and blueberries of your choice. 1 cup of almond milk, and then you’re gonna have 2 tablespoons of almond butter, which I personally really love.

The creamy con here is the nutritional value of it. I love this recipe, especially prior to my workouts. It keeps me feeling strong, full satiated and it’s literally so easy. You could probably do this with your eyes closed seriously.

This recipe is divine. I had it so so many times in Bali when I went on the trip. The best part is, you can literally make it right at home and it’s. Super simple: so, first, you’re gonna start by soaking, some cashews overnight, you’re gonna need one lemon and any fruits of your choice.

My favorites for this recipe are mango and dragon fruit, pineapple and papaya. Now this recipe makes about 4 servings, so you can always just start with 1 young coconut cut it and be careful when you do scoop out all the yummy coconut meat, and once you do that porn, the coconut water into a blender, then add your caches.

You can totally skip the soaking of the cashews, but this will make the recipe much creamier and that way it’s. Also more nutritious, then squeeze some lemon into it for tartness, add in the coconut meat, [ Music ].

I would recommend some sweetener, whether it’s, coconut palm sugar or any sweetener of your choice blend it up until you get about this creamy consistency where it’s, not too runny, but also smooth, and there you go.

You’re ready to decorate your plate. I usually like to eat this either for breakfast or sometimes even at lunch, or if I have a little bit of a sweet tooth as a snack throughout the day. There is no shame in this game.

Okay, I like to add some crumbled, almonds for an extra bit of texture to the yogurt, and you guys – oh my god. This is the best yogurt recipe I’ve ever had hands down. I could beat this all day every day, highly recommend you to try it out and send me your creations on IG.

Now this is my favorite of all time. I eat this every day and seriously it doesn’t. Get me tired. I constantly show you guys on my IG and call this one, the only that doesn’t suck. So for this one, all you’re gonna need is your favorite kind of green.

If you don’t have one yet seriously try out butter lettuce, I have totally like to add cilantro in there, but if you don’t like that, you can always just throw in any other green that you like. I had two tablespoons of flaxseed.

This gives the a bit more consistency. Then I add: a nutritional yeast go crazy with the spices. I personally really love garlic in my side, and these three things is what I found to make the base so much more flavorful.

No salt: this has changed my life. It makes every dish taste so much better because it gives it like that extra smoky flavor, which I love in my salad, add some garbanzo beans or you can use any beans that you like, and then you’re gonna add some hummus.

I got this fresh raw one at Whole Foods. I highly recommend it easy. It already smells amazing and add your avocado. I squeezed it right in there from the skin and then I finish it off with some smoked salt and whenever I want to spice it up.

I add some cauliflower chips in there or he can wash 40oz, which are amazing also aside from just eating this recipe alone. Sometimes sadness makes me something lemony salmon and oh, my god, this whole lunch or dinner is to die for seriously go.

Try tea. I love tea, but the good team kind of tea that’s good for your soul, your body and your mind. So you’re gonna get about a thumb of jha’dur, which has so many anti-inflammatory benefits. So good for the joints improves your digestion is good for your body.

You want to add about two cups of water and boil these two together and once you’ve done that I add some lime. I also personally love squeezing some oranges in there and makes the team more fragrant and citrusy and just smells and tastes beautiful.

Lastly, I add some honey for sweetness and tada your nice relaxing aroma tea is done. I usually like to combine this one with a good book or sometimes would anyone say: acai bowls. Okay, oh my god used to snapchat about this all the time and a blender throwing a mix of berries.

Half a banana. I get the Sun bucks on acai packs that are unsweetened. I had about 3/4 of a cup of almond milk is my favorite part decorating it in my coconut bowl, a pretty good therapeutic. For me, this is about the consistency that you want, but, honestly, if it gets a little more runny it’s, just gonna be as good and tastes more like a smoothie literally add any fruits that you want there’s.

No fruit combination, I’ve, tried that doesn’t taste good with this one so get creative. I also really love adding granola for an added crunch. Some coconut flakes. If you’d, like you, can add cacao, nibs, goji, berries, chocolate chips, pretty much anything that you want and lastly, add your favorite topping this tastes so good with you, there almond butter or honey, and you are done – enjoy a flavorful explosion of deliciousness.

In your bubble, comment below, which was your favorite recipe, I’m, really curious to know if you want to watch another video just like this one be sure to click either of these two videos right over here is video a thumbs up.

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