5 Of The Best Core Exercises You Should Do Everyday

We could all use a stronger . As a doctor of many of the problems I treat…


22 thoughts on “5 Of The Best Core Exercises You Should Do Everyday

  1. My understanding is that I can do these all as a daily core exercise routine. Well, I've been doing them every other day for about a month now and I can feel a difference!
    So even if you meant it to be a list to pick from, I like it as it is. 😁

  2. HI Jared – love the set. I was already doing a good job losing weight and gaining strength and cardio fitness, but had flabby belly still and poor lower back flexibility – due to lack of core strength I felt. These are just the job!!

    One piece of guidance if i can ask – when doing reps do you think it better to do all the reps of one exercise then move onto the next exercise, or is it ok to do one set of each in turn, and repeat this three timed from start to finish

    the latter can often be quicker as some muscles rest while others are taking the load in turn, – not sure if this undermines some of the benefits of doing the reps on top of each or not.

    would love to get your opinion on this


  3. Hi , thanks a lot for sharing the core muscles exercises. I’m 65 years old n I have this low back pain issues, been exercising for the past 6/7 months regularly with some improvement. I still have the low back issues, particularly when I get up from the seated position it takes a while to straighten up n pains.
    Do I continue with these exercises or add a few more ?

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