5-Minute Workout to Get a Flat Stomach In a Week

How to get a ? You’re too busy or shy to hit the gym, but you’re ready to get…


48 thoughts on “5-Minute Workout to Get a Flat Stomach In a Week

  1. Honestly, non of the exercises on YouTube is really helping me. I tried doing these exercises like, the first exercise I am doing it with my face like 😕 I was like, this is nothing, nothing is burning me and I just feel like it’s normal and like 100000000000000000% easy… does this happen to anyone?

  2. Day 1 : nothing happens
    Day 2 : still nothing happens
    Day 3 : Feels a little fit
    Day 4 : feels completely fit
    Day 5 : stomach feels a little flat
    Day 6 : stomach is flat
    Day 7 : fit and healthy

  3. i’m going to put my days here as updates to keep motivated 😃
    day 1: this has made me realise i am so unfit but that’s ok…. i got to the end. not really looking forward tmrw but i want to wear crop tops 🥲
    day 2: was a lot easier than yesterday, nothing else to say
    day 3: really didn’t want to do it but did it

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