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New video for beginners at home! In this , I will emphasize on…


22 thoughts on “5 MIN FLAT STOMACH EXERCISES | Home Workout | Koboko Fitness

  1. You make a lonely quarantine feel so much less lonely (and so much more motivating) with your videos haha! 💪🏼😂
    I struggle with chronic illness and injuries so I've lost a lot of my ability to work out. But I can do your shorter videos in little spurts and it's been making a huge difference for both my physical and mental health. Thank you so much for ALL of the workouts AND your motivation! 💕✨

  2. Just finished this work out. Honestly really happy with it, it’s not too hard and makes you feel great! I’m going to be doing this everyday for the next week (hopefully) you guys are going to have to keep my motivated! I’ll update tomorrow💗

  3. ok iam trying this guys for a week and i will be updating u guys but pls reminde me to update bc i will going to forget》*ok guys sorry i forgot to update but i did this for a week and a saw a diffrence on my legs but i didn't do this for a long time but iam sure if u do thiss for more weeks it will slim down ur legs*

  4. I love your videos, they're so helpful and your enthusiasm makes it so much more fun! also I'd love to see a video on exercises to get thinner hips (no pressure of course it'd just be helpful!!) thank you for everything you do!!

  5. I didn't know you're in Indiana! How cool. I'm in the Muncie area. 😀

    Thanks for your videos. Between your vids & calorie counting I've dropped over 30 lbs since November. *It's all good, I'm being closely monitored by my doc with weekly check-ins (I certainly wouldn't advocate that much of a drop without a doc supervising) But today's appt she's pushing me back to monthly check-ins. Pretty soon I'll be dropped to quarterly! Yay!

  6. I just wanted to thank you, Kola. Thank you for all the hard work, time and effort you put into making these videos for everyone. Thank you for being so genuinely motivational and completely non judgemental. Thank you for catering towards ALL levels and not discriminating against anyone. Thank you for being so warm, happy and inviting. It's thanks to you and your videos that I have kept up the motivation to keep exercising – I have a chronic illness, depression, PTSD and anxiety – so exercising can cause me a lot of pain and it's often the absolute last thing I want to be doing. But EVERY SINGLE time I manage to smash one of your videos I am left feeling so elated. You're not physically here but I FEEL like you're actually proud of me for doing a video, as crazy as that sounds. I don't get any of the above from any of the other fitness channels i've watched here on youtube.

    I've been doing a mix of your videos for around 4 weeks now and i've lost 2 inches from my waist (as well as clean eating and really watching my portions….I had a healthy diet before but my portion sizes were WAY out). I'm not sure if that's slow progress or normal, but I am so happy. I'm hoping this will continue as my goal is to lose 30lbs.

    Thank you!! xx

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