5 MIN FLAT ABS WORKOUT (At Home No Equipment)

Here is a quick, yet INTENSE ab burning workout you can do at home, in only 5 minutes! 5…


45 thoughts on “5 MIN FLAT ABS WORKOUT (At Home No Equipment)

  1. Happy Friday guys! Here's a quick, but killer ab workout you can do to end off your week! 🔥 P.S We are almost at 5M SUBSCRIBERS 🤯I seriously cannot believe it! If you haven't subscribed already… hit that subscribe button! Join the family! See you soon. Xx – Maddie

  2. I love you so much for being not like the other fitness influencers on YouTube, who talk about weight losing and how to look like a barbie. You make me feel happier and much more sporty and I have so much fun with movement and sport when I do your workouts.
    With that you have done something that many others on social media would never have achieved.
    Thank you for that, Maddie!

  3. This has really helped me lose some of my lower belly fat. I used to be so self conscious of my lower belly when I would wear jeans but today I wore jeans sense I was going to the mall and I looked in the mirror and some of my lower belly fat went away and also i have only been doing these exercises for 2 days 3 times every day. So I really recommend doing these exercises but be patient because I’m very inpatient so after doing the exercises once I expected to see results and that’s not how it works so be patient and try to eat healthy too. Ok well that’s it. Good luck to the people trying this and don’t give up.🙃(wow i didn’t realize I wrote so much)

  4. I am a 63 year old trying to hold it together :-). I love your quick, but intense workouts. Right now I use the 5 min Abs (2x wk), 10 min Leg thigh bun, (2x wk) and inner thigh (1x wk). Your routines are easy to follow, and the best part; no equipment.

  5. I’m gonna do this everyday (until school I will be updating) will update for results!💕 (also if I don’t update for past a day I’m not busy, never am, so remind me to come back and get dem abs!🏃‍♂️😋(also July 11, is my besties b-day and July 22 is mines so if I don’t update then that’s why😅)

    Day 1✨: Done! Really felt a burn, was short and simple but I might do another workout because I’m aiming to get abs!😁

  6. I love this program, it's just 5 minutes, it's quick, effective and i really enjoy doing it. I know have the time to do this every day when i wake up and it feels good

  7. Very good work out, I had abs all throughout my teens and twenties without trying too much, but now I'm 30. My abs were hiding for awhile.
    I have been doing an routines for a month and eating healthier. Your workouts are still a challenge though.
    I have great respect for anyone with washboard abs now! Not easy.

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