5 Exercises All Seniors Should Do Daily

5 Exercises All Seniors Should Do
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21 thoughts on “5 Exercises All Seniors Should Do Daily

  1. HOw do seniors get to a 15.5 inch toilet seat height with a squat?? Lower the seat height behind them while doing squat? What about trunk moving forward?

  2. I'm 67yrs old and quite young to do these simple exercises but at least by the time I'm 70 these will be the exercises I will do, meanwhile what I am doing is a bit far more strenous but I enjoy it, what disturbs me is when arthritis attacks my back, so I have to go slow.

  3. Bob and Brad, I'm 74. Can you tell me how to improve my body so I can pick things up off the floor more easily. I drop things sometimes, as we call do. In my 20's, it was zip zip down and up, no problem. Now, my knees and back don't want to cooperate.

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