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33 thoughts on “5 Best UNDERBUTT EXERCISES | Glute Hamstring Tie In | LOWER BOOTY

  1. Ur video is osom but did u think that downloading it could help people who are in harsh conditions such as the electricity cut❤️😊😀🤣😂😃❤️

  2. Production note… Your area is too crowded, the sound is absolutely horrible effect was actually painful to the ear to listen to you and I mean that literally, and you’re not showing the exercises from different angles so while you might be sticking your leg out at 5 o’clock are you on camera you might actually be sticking it out at 3 o’clock I really wanted to listen to your video but the audio was just too painful to listen to

    Perhaps re-shootAnd shoot from two angles and describe the origin and insertion point in where someone should feel the contraction… That’s my note as a trainer

  3. Are athlean-xx life time membership? I want to get these programs for my wife and i was wondering if the women programs are for life or a set amount of time?

  4. Using words or terms like "tone" or "clean eating"…ugh. then starting with a one legged stance on a bosu. Look elsewhere ladies. There are much better videos out there.

  5. That’s my biggest issue!!! I’m 99 pds n vegan N still need that area looked after N I’m 51. I can’t do 3 sets of 15…. it’s too hard.. I lean n fit but weak!!!! Should I do 2 sets of 10 first?? It will take me a few weeks to move up to 15/3x……..

  6. Really a bosu ball? Safety vs effectiveness & you feel that it's worth the possibility of an injury? Have to disagree & disappointed since it's a channel associated with Jeff's.

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