45 Minute Butt Builder Workout 🔥Burn 465 Calories!* 🔥The CHANGE Challenge | Day 3

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44 thoughts on “45 Minute Butt Builder Workout 🔥Burn 465 Calories!* 🔥The CHANGE Challenge | Day 3

  1. Did it again, definitely a challenging one, but crushed it strong. Thanks Sydney, waiting for my knee to heal, as not able to do any leg squats or lunges 😊💪💪💪💪💪

  2. My personal preference is the intensity found in the previous Greatest Hits workouts. I like shorter rest periods as they really make me feel the burn – this was a bit too slow with long rest periods for me; it reminded me of the more recent workouts. Of course we're all different, have different body types and preferences, but that's just my thoughts. Of course, thanks as always for providing these workouts for us, Sydney!

  3. My booty is on FIRE. Holy moly, I am struggling to let my cheeks relax… 🤦‍♀️ Thanks, again Sydney and Dustin! Much love, stay safe and healthy everyone <3

  4. Loved this new to me butt builder workout! Love building my glutes and seeing the booty gains! 🍑 love my Royal Change glute resistance bands, they truly are the best! I can be DRENCHED in sweat and they do not slip at all! So good!

  5. Today was my first time working out post mastectomy. Nearly eight weeks post op and it feels like I lifetime. I really resonated with Sydney saying she was building her strength back up after her shooting. I feel I’ve lost a lot of strength but am so determined to show up daily and be the best version of myself after cancer ❤️

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