45 minute BRUTAL Glute Workout with Bands! Warmup and Cool Down included!

As any , listen to your body! Don’t do anything that causes you pain or discomfort…


29 thoughts on “45 minute BRUTAL Glute Workout with Bands! Warmup and Cool Down included!

  1. I work out a lot and I really enjoyed therefore this workout as it felt intense and challenging. Sometimes 15 or 20 min resistant band workouts can feel too short, so I really enjoyed the many exercises and repetitions. Also I thought the cardio exercises were just at the right place and time. Very cool workout. I'll do it again for sure. Thank you for posting it! 🙂

  2. Loved it!!!! Really appreciated that u reminded us to eat something afterwards. Many other trainers are so obsessed with starving urself and working out to get that "hourglass figure". You promote a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body, and I love that. It's so important. So thank you <3

  3. The excercises are great and the video quality is, too. Only thing i dont like that much is that you keep on repeating how difficult this workout is. It made me wanna motivate you to keep pushing. I think it should be the other way around tho 😀

  4. Ive been working out for almost 4 years now and ive never tried a workout THIS GOOD, i barely could walk after doing this workout for the first time omg

  5. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO. i love how you reassured us it’s okay to not be perfect but to still push ourselves. and i love the sounds of the car in the background and how normal this felt. like we’re just working out with a friend. you talked us through it. and i love how you did all of it with us and explained it in great detail what our form should look like. it was nice to not have to pause and rewind to see it again or to do the second rep by myself. you’re seriously amazing. you’ve got a new subscriber<3

  6. tbh , this was sweaty . Hard? maybe even but not fun and the sequence of the workouts do not nearly exhaust the muscle as it should be before going to another workout that exercise the close by muscle and let the exhausted muscle rest . Since these elements were not considered when building this workout , this is an extremely bland boring workout. Sorry for my honesty, that's just one opinion ! Thank you for your hard work though and Keep up the good work

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