4 Weeks To Bigger & Stronger Glutes (The BC Pyramid Protocol)

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40 thoughts on “4 Weeks To Bigger & Stronger Glutes (The BC Pyramid Protocol)

  1. I'm a beginner in the gym, but I think I'm getting used to the place and being more confortable lifting weights and I'm so up for trying this! Thank you so much, Bret!😁

  2. Thanks for vid. I do a push, pull, glutes split (legs easily grow). With one day rest after 2 cycles. Should i just do this once a week with no other glute workout? Aka remove one glute workout but still do nightly frog pumps?

  3. I have a few questions… can you do this more than once a week? And do you do it for only one exercise or all of the exercises? Or should you only do one exercise total?

  4. Hey Bret! Thank you so much for making these videos and sharing your knowledge with us – it's absolute gold! Really appreciate it!🙏🏽

    I have a question. I have a misaligned pelvic and struggle to do normal hip thrusts (sucks😒). B-stance hip thrusts however work really well for me! Would you recommend doing the pyramid with B-stance hip thrust as well?🙃

  5. Bret, I use two pads, the bar pad plus I bend an AB mat and I can still feel the bar and it hurts when I go heavy like 275. What else should I do? Or am I placing the bar too low?

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