4 Glute Exercises To Fix Your PANCAKE A**!!

Need some new exercises to help that .. Let’s get after it!
The Oura Ring I Wear:…


49 thoughts on “4 Glute Exercises To Fix Your PANCAKE A**!!

  1. Damn the donkey kickbacks with the landmine set up was actually genius especially since we are in lockdown in Canada again and I’ve had to get really creative. Thanks.

  2. Glutes are important, hes know his stuff, but if your going in the first time to strengthen use machines, they have 4 or 5 glute machines in every gym then advamce to the aforementioned.I recognize possible knee and back issues with this video for the newcomer

  3. Im trying to find the video where Ryan talks about trt and jokes about how you can continue to be a pile of crap without it or something, but I can’t remember which video it was. Can somebody share the link with me?

  4. As a SiFu of many years, [which encompasses Chinese exercise].. you are one of the few instructors I endorse to my students. That being said, I suggest an alternative set here.. by only changing your 'curved' lower back to be 'UN-curved', or Flat.. with the groin pushed forward while performing. THAT should give a wake-up call. Thanks

  5. Ok 1st question, natty er nah?
    2nd question, can you do a few videos on Olympic Weight lifting exercises and ways to develop them? (I.e. cleans and power cleans.)

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