4 Best core exercises for beginners

In this video you are going to learn for beginners that will help you build…


39 thoughts on “4 Best core exercises for beginners

  1. He explains it so well and calm!! Im an absolute beginner with zero knowledge. I was doing an 20 min workout earlier and i was so out of breath and doing everything wrong probably because I couldnt keep up, but now i feel the burn and i feel like im doing it right and I can keep this up for 30sec, so thank you!

  2. i didnt understand where to put my hands on in 1st exercise cuz the way i keep while do the crunches my thumb pain bcz of the pressure

    is there anything am doing wrong it would be helpful if warrior mode can reply

    loved the BTW really helpful

  3. Not a quite a beginner anymore, but I will save this vid. Love vids with detailed technique. I'm the type that love to know why and what's the purpose of what I'm doing.🙌🏾☺️thx

  4. Thank you very much,seems like my physiotherapist failed to specify how important form is …ive been doing this every day 3 times prolonging the excersise everytime a little bit .but now i can decently stand straight without my body pulling itself i steange positions .this had more result than 3 months psysio .thanks so much !

  5. I dont know whats wrong with me But I have tried so many of these core video's and I just cant ever get it right. I follow along and do the best I can and I feel nothing when I'm done….. Its super discouraging.

  6. Man it feels like an Alien wants to come outta my stomach after doing ab exercise.. Its been so long lol,… Its is actually very painful,worse than calf muscle cramps

  7. Common can't see views in this channel which is perfect in every aspect just now I have seen this video….. Rushing towards sub and like……. Probably my daily routine to watch every video……… In this channel….. #keep it up…..

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