30min Hip-Hop Fit Dance Workout + Glute 🍑 & Core exercises Round 6 | Mike Peele

For all that have asked here is a link for any and all future donations for class. LINK…


39 thoughts on “30min Hip-Hop Fit Dance Workout + Glute 🍑 & Core exercises Round 6 | Mike Peele

  1. Never put your own happiness in second place. It's not selfish to put yourself and your happiness first. You have to love and take care of yourself before helping and being there for everyone else. HAVE A GREAT WEEK ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

  2. I only found this a month ago, been doing it ever since! As you promised, I’m having a good damn time with You, and Your Peoples! Thanks Guys!

    Come on Richard! Hahaha!

  3. hi mike! just found this video while i was looking for a dance workout and i have to say i loved it! i was smiling right from the beginning, i really like your energy, it makes me feel incredibly safe knowing that nothing has to be perfect and that dancing is meant to be fun. truly feels like its the best kind of workout when its so enjoyable

  4. I have had such a passion for dancing and it's the only form of exercising that I thoroughly enjoy. The choreography was so fun, i was really vibing and forgot i was in the middle of a workout. At one point the song selections were such a hype, I nearly forgot to do the routine and bust my own move instead.

  5. Quiero que sepas que nunca me iré porque echo de menos la nieve hasta que la muerte se congele, ¡así que vamos, vamos! Vayamos bajo cero y escondámonos del sol Te amaré por siempre porque es NAVIDAD BEBÉ!

  6. Yo you’ve got the best workout routine! This is my 1st video of yours and I’m sold! I wanted to get back to my hip hop dance class days in my 30s while staying fit. Great workout thank you 😍.

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