30-Minute Strength Training Workout With Dumbbells

30-Minute Strength Training Workout With Dumbbells

Get ready to work your whole body with Barry’s, bootcamp senior instructor and move with coach Ingrid clay, thanks Ali, so go ahead; grab one set medium to light weights and let’s. Get ready to do this.

All right! Guy is gonna start with a quick little warm up unit starting a partial squats feet. Shoulder-Width apart, come all the way down, bring it up. Halfway, give me a two-second hole up here and then right back down nice to control up, make sure you don’t curve that back nice and controlled all the way down halfway up hold one two.

So right now we’re warming up your leg, glute your hamstring right there. Almost there we’re gonna drop to the ground. Next, one it’s. A push-up, squat combination increase that heart rate get ready to drop in five four three two one.

So you’re gonna drop to the ground. Hit that push-up come into that squat hold. It then go right back. Is that push-up you go. Definitely have modifications here we got to drop to your knees in that push-up.

Go ahead and drop to your knee step. It in you, don’t need to jump it in all the way down. Push-Up hit that squat, nice and controlled guys. We got about 10 seconds right here. I know consecutive you’re, never gonna stand it up again.

We’re gonna go into some skaters. Keep that heart rate going get ready to stand it up in five. Four three: two one: we’re gonna top side to side. Of course, you can modify that you, don’t have to add the jump if you’re, not there.

Yet that’s. Okay, it’s perfectly fine stuff, for you more sides attack you and those skaters, nice and low. You should feel the quad burn. Do I do you feel the quad bar yeah two seconds here? Ladies, I guess almost there you’re gonna take it into a squat alternating washed up next for 30 seconds, I’m gonna go into town for a second nice, a good job in five four three, two one squat alternating Lunch down again, you got ta modify this take up a job.

Little closet should be on fire. Mine are already. This is the warm up your own Lazare in five, four three, two one, nice, Oh check it out towel off. We’re gonna grab the weight, and we’re gonna move on to the first round, alright ready to go.

Okay, it’s, gonna be starting in a squat, alternating back lunge, with the shoulder press C. Wonderful, your weights down here, squat back lunge press in the back lunge back into your squat, oh nice, to control [ , ] right.

What we got another 20 seconds here make sure you’re at about a ninety degree angle. When you hit that bag lunch, you want to make sure that you can see your toe. You’re, taking the test, squat deadlift side right in five.

Four three: two look: keep that squat go into deadlift [, , ], come up side right, squat, Archie, lower back up in that deadly through your heel that rate deadly diarrhea nice to control. Guys.

If you ask me your side, rain go ahead and [ , ] by right. You have 20 seconds here yeah. Is it really good? They’re working at mostly shoulders and like this round five? Second, we don’t wish to see little squat upright row in five four three two one: they’re gonna drop it down into that sumo squat.

You’re gonna hit us some o’clock. Turn your toes out come up after that upright row, good modification here, if you need a monocle guy, lighter weights, just drop down, pull it the weight sizes, so yeah fifteen seconds here guys we’re gonna have a little fun.

We’re gonna hold that’s. The most. Why so? We’re gonna keep the upright row all right. You get ready to hold it. Ladies in five, when you say fine, I knew it three two one hold it: let’s. Keep that upright row.

Let’s, keep it going. Yes, you can. Oh you’re. Coming to the end of this circuit. You got 20 seconds here. We’re gonna drop that way it’s. A little pulse. Okay get ready to drop it. We got 15 seconds here.

Yes, you can. Yes do it hold it. You only got 10 seconds left. You can almost there get ready draw that way in five. Four three two one drop stay low, well. Paul said this is enough to get real right now, right all of their guys that if Paul let impulse I’ll, give you 10 seconds to shake it out.

Then we’re gonna go right back low. Again, oh yeah, right there I know shut up, keep that for you ten seconds you got 10 seconds almost there. Ladies stay with me: 5 4. 3. 2. 1. 10-Second shake out. We’re, going right into a sumo five.

Four three: two one drop down knees in Wow all right: this is all glutes here all glues bring it on squeeze it. You got about 15 seconds right here. We’re gonna turn. It up a notch. We’re gonna. Go with just it was a squat jump.

I’m thinking about the beach, oh yeah good. Thank you. Ali don’t like that glue, come on guys over there in five four three, two one. We know sweetie eyes. We got 30 seconds, squat jump, let’s go, I know, but this actually helps believe it or not.

Right yeah you don’t. Look there earn that water break. You got 15 seconds boom. How much there come on 10 seconds. I know oh look there have you got a pulse, it can’t jump. If you’re, not there. Yet that’s.

Fine go go! Go! 4. 3. 2. 1. Oh check it out. Oh crap, the water. We do that one more time. I know hey. Do that, one more time don’t. Look there stretch it out a little grab, some water. If you need so, we’re gonna go again.

You go about ten seconds. I know we’re gonna pick up those wait. This isn’t the time to. If you need to drop dead, you got two sets of weights. You could drop two lighter set into that whole round again, just a little lighter.

Let’s grab in five four three: two one drop it into that squat back lunge press, squat, back lunge, squat, back lunge right back into that school. You got 30 seconds shoulders and legs. Perfect combination shoulder sprain to body small in legs; everything you got 15 seconds here thing.

Almost there we’re gonna switch to that deadlift squat lateral, raise in five four three, two one taking it to that’s. Why arsenal or back side ring siren nice to control? I suppose Daedalus, you and me show you stuff in about a 90 degree angle: pull through your heel, squeeze the glue, the top side, race, control that weighs on that side.

Right there’s! No need to rush the lift. Take your time again. If you need to alternate that side right alternate that’s. Alright, you still full of burner right. You still feel it yes, 20 seconds here, Oh 15 seconds, we’re, going back into your favorite one.

We’re gonna say that do a little squad of right row. I think why did I put that in there because you need it yeah? Why do you make that switch goodbye? Four three two one spread those legs. How about let’s, go see.

You won’t, try right row. Elbows are high here, put your chess boards just slightly yeah 15 seconds. They’re, never gonna hold it. I can go up right row. Only almost there 10 seconds, another modification see if you got a shot that way in a hold and just hold it without that right, roll in five, four, three, two one hold it all right Roley.

I pick that, but back keep that up. Yes, you can your shoulders should be burn it just quad right. You can always track down to one weight since you got ta drop down to only you only have ten seconds here, but we’re going to that pause.

Oh, you’re gonna drop. That way, your five four three two one drop your weight. You got 30 seconds here. Yes, you can. I’m gonna give you that ten-second shake. I ‘ Ll go so you know it’s coming! Yes, you can.

You got 20 seconds here, breathe! Oh okay! You guys 10 seconds. Ladies two seconds stay with me. Four three: two one only two seconds, so you go right back into it, get ready to drop it back into that to apply in five four three two one knees in oh yeah: oh yeah, don’t.

Forget it hello, there Oh breathe good news. Is this is the last one in this circuit, but you got two more: you’re ready, go to your squat down here. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Watch. It wait for you go to that job and let’s.

Go you only got 30 seconds that water break is coming, earn that water break whew. You’re. Almost there 20 seconds fifteen seconds. Really. You only got ten seconds here. Five, four, three, two one yeah shake it out.

We got a 30 second recovery here. I know they were gon. Na move on to back a little more shoulders may be on the floor. Come back guys. You have 15 seconds here. Whoo, let’s start making our way to the floor.

We’re gonna be starting a push-up alternating rolls with the side plank, really good, feeling good girl just drop it down in five four three: two one all right get into that wide push-ups and push-up row: [, ,, ], push-up row push-up blank.

Oh, she’ll play now guys you, don’t, have to bring this weight up in this link. If that’s, not where you are, it’s perfectly fine about 30 seconds here. Ladies don’t like push out it’s, a little bit quieter here.

When we do these you almost there, though, get about five seconds. We just stand it up. Good five, four three, two one: let’s, stand it out whoa bent over a double row. She ended up straight hammer. Curl showed up Hut.

Oh, you want your feet. A little bit shoulder-width apart here, Archie lower back cuts up elbows right in the middle back. Squeeze the shoulder. Blades stand it up, elbows in hammer straight up, press modification: you can go into that double row.

You can Alton a your hammer curl and then alternate your oppressive unita, whoa thirty seconds 20. Second, some real work going on here today. We’re gonna go to that over reverse row. Next bicep curl reverse shoulder peasant in five four three, two one: your palms are gonna face the front elbows in the back reverse row.

Stand it a bicep, curl palms, face you for her shoulder press reach over reverse roll curl reversal, make sure you have that arching we’re back. You got ta modify this. Take the weight down. You got 30 seconds here.

Yes, this is the gangster one not gonna lie. This is the gangster combination right here. It’s, working the twice, because when you hit the reverse row, you hit the vices, hit them again and then you’ll.

Do it get your shoulders up ten seconds, ladies boom, I’m gonna. Take it to a white girl and kill divide this in five four three, two one take your elbows by your thigh. Oh my girl. We got 30 seconds here.

Okay, if you want to try to keep the elbows by the side here, have a tendency to have bring them off, keep him nice and controlled. We got 15 seconds make sure you keep your knees, soft right now, your tire, so you need your help from your lower body.

You want to keep your knees. Soft don’t, pull three lower back. Almost there. We’re gonna hold it. We’re gonna hold it. We’re gonna, take it in and out in five four three, two one: oh nice and slow here, nice, a spa, hey if you got ta shake it out, shake it out.

You got 20 seconds right here. Yes, you can you’re almost there, you talk to the floor and take it up all right. We’re, going into a push-up its. He’ll jump in your push-up. Instead, it’s. Help jumper me.

Yes, you can get ready to go there, yeah five, four three two and one drop those weights. You’re gonna drop it down push up Soto in the push-up, bring it in stand it up, tuck down, burp it push-up in push-up.

So I come in tuck top [ , ]. So I’m. Doing an intermediate level here’s, a tuck jump. You just jump it in whoa. You’re. Almost there. Five four three, Oh 30 seconds break how we feel we’ll. Do it one-on-one on there that’s good? How are you feeling all right all right? There we got about 15 seconds and we’re going through that one more time.

Almost there all right ten seconds, get ready to drop it down. Push up alternating rolls side plank, let’s. Do it in five four three, two one [ , ] here feel here no go away 20 seconds left that’s.

All that matters is that we’re still here ten seconds five, four three: two one dan Durda whoo bent over double row, hammer shoulder front sorry, hammer curl, shoulder Hut back down: Oh [, ,, ], another modification! You can go into that double row.

You can alter Nate your hammer, curl and then alternate your press. If you need to all right hello, yours use that brain [, ,, ], oh okay, 15 seconds, good good! I can hear you we’re in it together, get ready to switch it up inside three two one bids: it over palms face the front, get that reverse bicep.

Curl, reverse right, whoa, reverse! We’re hot bicycle: reverse Christ! Keep those knees off. You know my shoulders, not even getting a little tired. So I’m using my legs to help me get that weight off whoo, [, ,, ], [, ,, ], five, four, three: two one shake it off: shake it: white girl! No, no, you need to longer shake out.

You can always take a long shake out. I’m gonna. Take it up a notch. Well, let that way come Wow. If it isn’t already for like 20 pounds, it’s, gonna feel, like 40 yeah, you already take it in and out in five four three two one we could have halfway.

Oh ha ha 20 seconds here. First, your shoulder. The process we’re about to drop it to the floor. Push-Up tuck jump, Oh Burpee, that’s coming back. It’s. The last window ten seconds here, five, four, three: two one: stop those weights hit that ground last.

One of these guys pushup tuck up, even if you join the modification, give it a try guys give it a try like once you don’t know where you are, unless you actually try it [ , ] two seconds: five, four: three: two one: How’s it going alright, how off grab some water last one last? Second, yes, you can hit the floor.

We got a little bit of chest. We’re gonna work, those triceps – and you know I want a couple other things in there so grab your weights. Lay it down, so you want to lay it down. This will be your one position.

Your is he gonna come down into that chest press, but guess what we’re gonna. Add that butt lift you’re gonna squeeze the glue, the top bring it back up. You can also add the core in here. Tighten your core as you bring it up, squeeze the glue push up nice to control here, make sure you breathe on the work.

You got 30 seconds here. We got ta go just triceps getting back to ten. You got to bring those legs in the air. Next, we’re gonna hit a little bit of a core. You’re gonna. Take it to testify skull crusher with a clutch all right.

I know you got 15 seconds. A sweaty 100 guys pin 5 4. 3. 2. 1 legs up turn those weight in, but with weights in you’re gonna drop it into that fly and lock in those elbows drop it down. It’s. You’re. A skull.

Crusher then give me a punch. Nice and controlled guys beautiful, fly goal. Crusher make sure your chin comes up towards the ceiling. Eric orange. Try not to rest. You’re ten on your test. Whenever you rest, your challenge has to hit about 20 % of your core.

When you take it up towards the ceiling, we’re working over 70. That’s, more guess what summer bodies are made in the winter, so let’s, make some summer bodies all right drop it into that fire, bring it in skull.

Crusher straighten those arms go into that crunch. Here guys. You got 20 seconds here. We’re gonna keep that skull. Crusher, though okay, keep that skull crusher, we’re gonna, take it and tough it up with the overhead tricep extension all right.

You got ten seconds here: fly-in school straight grunt. Let’s, so it’s. If I switch it up in five four three, two one: we’re gonna keep that Skullcrusher. I’m gonna straighten. My legs come up into that sit up and then hit that overhead, and then I’m gonna bring it down really slowly nice and control.

Push your back up against the floor. Go into that skull. Crusher again tighten your core come up into that fit up hit that overhead string. Those arms then bring it down nice and slow. You can either put your feet on the ground here.

I’m, straining my legs. That kind of takes things up a notch, because you really force that core to you all of their core to get up make sure you keep those elbows in, though that overhead you got about 20 seconds right here.

We’re gonna flip it over next, bring it down nice and slow. Even when you bring it down, you want to make sure your chin is up towards the ceiling. We got less than 10 seconds. We’re gonna flip. It over tricep push-up, alternating tricep kickbacks in five four three, two one: let’s, flip it over so tricep push-up.

It’s a little different than that. Why push-up we’re gonna walk those leaps in getting to get a minor Pike on your knee. I like a wide stance here, gives you more stability, drop it into that tricep push-up bring one orma kick back! Oh back down, tricep push-up back down you guys on your knees here.

Oh it’s, tempting going your knees drop down to those knees. You still get that workout. My triceps are burning. They are on fire here guys, especially if you feel like your forms being compromised. Absolutely because we get tired, you start to shake and it’s better to make the switch alright gonna, take it up his and up and down plank in five.

Four three: two one move: those cleats on the side. We’re gonna drop down on our forearm. You’re gonna come up whoa back down, bring it up back down again guys. We got got to your knees, drop to your knees.

Oh whoa there in five, four three, two one whoa you get 30 seconds here. I don’t, know about you, but my triceps were like shaking on this one. We got one more time guys this is the go. It seems like an easy one.

It’s deceptive, but it’s. Not it’s, a really hard one. You got this guys. What we’re gonna, do it one more time we’re. Almost there. You got ten seconds with you one more! Let’s. Do it let’s almost get into position here, guys on your back grab your weights chest press butt, lift in five four, three: two: what we [ , ] right, the control guys.

I know these can be challenging, but you are where you are start where you are and build up to it. I mean we’re. Still all strong. You know you got ta, find it sometime, you know, so you got it. You got this.

It’s. All about the journey in stores arrive are the butt lifts, whichever one comes first, almost there guys, you got about 15 seconds here way to bring those legs up. You’re gonna go into that ball.

Crusher fly chest fly in that crunch over there get ready to make your switch in five four three two one legs up drop it down exact fly goal; crusher shut up, [, ,, ]. Let me try to push that back against the floor.

You keep that goal. Crushing when you hit that fly, you always want to keep your core engaged here. So this is a good reason to add the crunch, because the crunch hooks remind you, oh my core: always they can’t.

He’s, just always been a jerk or you got 20 seconds right. [, ,, ]. It’s, so important inhale exhale on the work. Take your time there’s, no need to rush the left. I see these so many times. Everyone’s going so fast quality over quantity.

All right get ready drop. Those legs go crush your sit up overhead in five four three, two one keep that goal: crusher come into that sit up: overhead, [, , ]. It’s. A very focused, very everything, is so engaged right.

Now you have to be focused, I mean you’re, engaging those arms, your chest, your core, and you want to make sure form, is everything guys. You got 20 seconds and I’m being careful, because I want to make the most out of my core here, so I’m gonna take it down slow.

Yes, my shoulders are very 10 seconds. We’re gonna flip. It over hold hands. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Oh hip it over. We’re going into that tricep pushup. Oh alternating rows here, weights in just a tad tricep pushup.

Hopefully any tricep kickback. I’m. Sorry if I said rope, [, ,, ], [, ,, ]. Ah the workout it’s, steel tanks, don’t hear these. So don’t feel like you’re, not doing it because you have to drop to your knees.

Rockne you’re, doing it. How’d? You go finishing that up and down plink all right in five. Four three: two one move: those weights out. The way you got 30 seconds start low, bring it high, [, ,, ], [, Laughter, ] seconds, [, ,, ], five, four, three two one: well, we should go back into child, pose huh and just breathe good job.

Ladies thanks judge go ahead and bow before your back. We’re gonna bring those knees in deep breath, inhale exhale, so down got heart rate, deepen your breath. Take your right leg across it of your left, away.

Both knees in hold it deep breath, inhale exhale, okay, it’s. An amazing job cooldown is as important as the workout. This stretch so important for recovery for your body. Deep breath inhale exhale both knees in again towards either armpit this time here and you can gently rock your body back and forth.

Massage is fine. You did a lot of standing back exercises. You might be feeling it a little there. You’re, not used to that so go ahead and rock back and forth flip your hands underneath your knees and look let’s rock it up and down give yourself about three good rocks or massaging your spine laughs.

Why feet hit the floor? Let’s. Roll up on to our tippy toes pulls in hands on the ground. Straighten the leg. Slowly stand there. I snuck in here and just hang here, palms to your shins, all right. All right shut up, [, , ] your eyes, mr.

punch, but the front hand of your hands at your heart. Chakra deep breath, inhale, exhale, deeper breath, inhale, love, Excel fear, hey guys, do so funny Foster [ Applause, ]


24 thoughts on “30-Minute Strength Training Workout With Dumbbells

  1. Really good moves in the workout and a nice trainer. Downpoints were that she doesn't fully explain how to safely do the moves which is so important with strength training, and her 10 second countdowns lasted between 30 and 5 seconds.

  2. My arms are on fire!!! I'm sweating so bad!! Every exercise combination was a surprise…I was like..It can't get any worse…But Ingrid proved me wrong!! 😉 I FEEL SO STRONG AFTER THIS WORKOUT!! Thank you PopSugar Fitness 🙂

  3. I love this workout. Not enough weighted strength training out there that’s really fun. I’ve been doing it twice a week, and I always feel so strong afterwards.

  4. I love PopSugar Fitness videos but this was not my favorite strength training. I liked a few of the moves but overall it felt rushed with an emphasis on speed over form.

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