30 Minute Glutes and Abs Burn Workout | BURN – Bonus Day 1

Welcome to BONUS #1 of BURN! WOO this was a burning and ab burning ! …


42 thoughts on “30 Minute Glutes and Abs Burn Workout | BURN – Bonus Day 1

  1. I really like this type of workout, 2 minutes straight and then you are done with this one exercise, you can move to another and never go back 😀 thank you Sydney

  2. Took a week to do some different exercises after finishing Burn and missed it so much I came back for more today! Love the 30 minute bonus sets! 2 minutes feels like a long time in the beginning but the sets were flying by at the end!

  3. I don't see the benefit to these two minute sets. I much prefer being able to increase weights between sets instead of having to have a lower weight the entire time. For long time viewers looking for bigger gains this feels like a step backwards.

  4. During the workouts I swear sometimes that Sydney can see me because every time I’m doing something wrong she always corrects me with the right way to do it! I’ve never done squats right until Sydney. You’re the most amazing personal trainer yet and I hope we get to keep you for a long time to come ❤️

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