30 Minute Extreme Butt Shaping Workout! No weights, just fire!! 🔥🔥

We’ve done the beginner …and we’ve done the intermediate …are you…


25 thoughts on “30 Minute Extreme Butt Shaping Workout! No weights, just fire!! 🔥🔥

  1. OMG!! Did this workout for the first time (i'm beginner level) WITH resistance bands and weight (2kg)
    THAT was a true workout girl! Thanks

  2. So the first side is okay.
    The second side a bit more sore but you did one side so can't stop, must go on. Booty circles are death and wrists get sore.
    By the time you get to the killer bridges you realise you've come this far you may's well finish the whole video even though you wanna die.
    After finishing, you glad you pushed through! 💖

  3. I remember doing these exercises for the 28 day summer body sculpt with a chair, hated it then. Still hate it now I'm doing the 21 day tone challenge. How Cassey talks through it is BEYOND me. That being said, let's work this BUTT! 😂

  4. I did it.As I do many of ur workouts,Cassey.But…i think 🤔 it wasn't fair for the wrists.U could add the bridges in the middle,so the wrists can relax a bit.
    I forgot to squeeze my butt, because my wrist were hurting 😕.And forgot to enjoy, because of my wrists.😢

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