30 min Yoga Stretch to UNWIND Tight Neck & Hips | Sarah Beth Yoga

Relieve & prevent tension from rounded shoulders & forward head posture with seated stretches…


24 thoughts on “30 min Yoga Stretch to UNWIND Tight Neck & Hips | Sarah Beth Yoga

  1. Thank you for another beautiful practice. Please be conscious that your closing comment “You’ll never receive what you cannot handle” can be very invalidating to hear for survivors of trauma

  2. This was such a delight filled practice and I will definitely take away the calm and try to remember that in my day – I cannot control what happens to me but I can control how I react to it. Thank you ☺️

  3. Life has been a bit stressful for me lately, I shouldn't complain because nothing bad has happened really. Just changes and I am not very good at coping with changes in life. Thought I needed some relaxing exercise for my tight shoulders and I ended up in tears listening to your words. I wish I had found you on YouTube sooner. You are my favorite yoga instructor now.

  4. Like the stillness and your voice but the "philosophy" talk I'd rather not have. Of course we are not where we are "meant" to be, would you say that to a Sudanese mother losing her children to famine, disease? There is no divine or other intention behind where we are. It is the randomness of the Universe and our own actions.

  5. I have done this one several times, and EVERY time it is amazing and exactly what I needed. The stretches are always needed, but the message(s) in this particular video are spot on and so inspiring.

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