30-Min Strength Training Fat Blaster (Burn 300Cals!) | Joanna Soh

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48 thoughts on “30-Min Strength Training Fat Blaster (Burn 300Cals!) | Joanna Soh

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  4. THIS IS AN AMAZING WORKOUT! Makes you feel absolutely amazing after its completion. I burn 210-250 calories doing this exercise and I only do this workout carrying 2KG Dumbells.
    Joanna, please make more Strength Training Fat Blaster Workouts!! It's one of the best and its own kind!

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  8. You're the best coach! I always follow and do your excercises and you really amaze me! ♥️♥️ Hope to have a beautiful body and mind too 🙏♥️

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  10. Hi Joanna, I did this workout today, I was dripping. I was not able to do as many repetitions as you did. I'll try my best and try to improve 😊
    Love your workouts☺

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  12. I know this video was 2 years ago but finally I could found a workout video that I really enjoy! It was unexpectable I could did all sets without getting bored or exhausted. And I admire your great posture during workout. Thank you so much,❤❤

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  14. Hey Joana..ThankYou for this wonderful workout..wanted to check if someone doing just 2 rounds instead of 3 ..is that ok and result will be slow or you would suggest to complete the circuit no matter what.Thanks!!

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  16. The best workout I could ever find on YouTube. I feel everything in just one workout😩 imma make this my regular workout routine

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