30 MIN SAVAGE HOME WORKOUT – No Equipment – Full Body HIIT – advanced

A 30 minute packed with strength building savage which you can do…


23 thoughts on “30 MIN SAVAGE HOME WORKOUT – No Equipment – Full Body HIIT – advanced

  1. Am a follower you videos. Consider this as a feedback and try to work on it.

    1. Please try you workouts with a beginner and get the suggestions from them before you post it.
    2. The Break of 10sec and immediate switch the the next HARD rep is very tough to practice.

    Beginners please note if u wanna do this workout first clear your basics like squats, plank and pushups…if u r master in these basics u can do this workout else its really tough.

  2. Loved this! Only problem I had was the hollow hold at the end… maybe I was just really drained by the rest of the workout but I couldn't hold it at all, had to take breaks every fifteen seconds lol. Guess I know what I'll be working on.. Thank you, Anna!! <3

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  4. What I love about your workouts are no repeats no talks nice music with nice moves & with previews which makes my workouts complete without any rewind or pause. And I can definitely see differences on my muscle and fat mess. Thank you million!

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