30 Min GLUTE & OUTER THIGH WORKOUT at Home with Band

This 30 minute will focus on targeting, isolating and activating the medius and…


43 thoughts on “30 Min GLUTE & OUTER THIGH WORKOUT at Home with Band

  1. I really really enjoy this workout. Like seriously I look forward to my glute day lol and also I like how you start on the floor and slowly get up

  2. Loved this! I used a medium band cause it was the only one open but I think I'll go heavier next time for some of them

  3. What size booty band do you use please? Have been using the non fabric ones so far with your amazing workouts but now need something with a bit more resistance and am struggling with sizes. Please any advice would help, thank you!

  4. Ass on fire 🔥 I'm doing your EPIC II program and love it, soon finished and I'm almost sad 😅 Today the weather was perfect so took a "break" from epic with this and a run followed by this 👌

  5. Amazing burn.The area where I carry fat is definitely my outer thighs/saddle bags/booty. It's a tough area for me to tone, squats and lunges just don't do it. This workout hit all of my jiggly spots. Thank you!

  6. This was really enjoyable. I loved this, Caroline! Thank you for sharing. What I really liked as well was the minimal talking and cues, texts, tips were just accurate and so handy.

  7. Can you please please please make a quad workout video! No one has any quad workout to do at home and since I don't have access to a leg extension machine, my quads are melting away. I'm so sad 🙁

  8. To be honest, I didn't believe that the burn could be so intense. Once again you did a wonderful workout caroline. You deserve all the best!!!! Keep going!!!

  9. Absolutely amazing glute/thigh workout! Truly fatigued these muscles which feels great and i love that you are real about needing a little rest sometimes 🙂 Thank you for your fabulous, high quality workouts!

  10. Thanks for this workout Caroline! It's so nice to have different butt exercises, I hadn't tried a lot of these exercises before, and boy my butt is burning!

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