30 MIN FULL BODY STRETCHING – perfect for rest days / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

This 30min Full Body Stretching Routine is perfect for Rest Days or anytime your muscles feel extra stiff or sore. This also helps to increase mobility and flexibility, which then again helps to perform during our other workouts better. 
I also like to do this before bed, if I need to calm down my mind and feel like relaxing.

The routine is basically a longer version of the „15min Daily “ 🙂 We will our entire body: from neck, to hamstrings, thighs, butt, hip flexors, back, spine mobility, hip mobility and so on. I


needed. Just prepare a soft surface like a yoga mat or towel 🙂 


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➞ Instagram http://www.instagram.com/pamela_rf/


➞ Instagram http://www.instagram.com/pamela_rf/
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Music by Epidemicsound.com 

When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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