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47 thoughts on “30 MIN FULL BODY BURN HOME WORKOUT // No Equipment

  1. Family ♥️ Just remember that you don't have to go for all 3 rounds right away!

    This workout's yours to tailor however pushes you and feels right: if that's 1 or 2 rounds to start with, then do your thing! I'm sure you'll be crushing the whole workout with a little practice! ♥️

  2. Thank you so much, Natacha. Your workouts have helped me so much during this crazy pandemic year. I do one of the workouts pretty much every day, and they have done so much to help me relieve stress and feel better mentally and physically.

  3. I made almost each exercise twice slower (if not more sometimes) than Natacha and adapted some of them when it was impossible for me, but still i am so proud to have completed this workout. Thank you so much Natacha, you're so adorable and motivating

  4. How often a week should you be doing this to build some strength and endurance? I'm not in a good shape at, all although I'm happy with my weight. I would like to lose some fat around my buttocks and slimmer thighs. Basically an overall better endurance and strength. Climbing all the stairs to my appartement everyday leaves me breathless every time. I'm so done with not being able to keep up with my friends and feeling tired all day.

  5. Just did one round and three exercises and had to stop (I can normally do at least two full rounds)… felt like I was gonna pass out. I just remembered I forgot to eat lunch (also an abnormality, I love food). Soooo…. I'm going to call it a decent workout and go nourish my body… We'll see how I do next time I try this workout. I really enjoyed what I was doing tho!

  6. Just finished all 3 rounds with no additional rests for the first time! Usually i would need to rest after the 2nd set but today, i felt strong. Just wanted to share 😊😊😊

  7. I am so grateful for all you post. With so much misinformation in the health and fitness sphere it is a blessing to have someone like you to shine bright and lead the way. So grateful to have found you 2 years ago, you have made such an impact in my life.

  8. Revisited this today Super sweaty peak heart 174 average 153. I miss you. Your workouts, your science, your projects, you & Mario. I miss it all.

  9. Nothing like being blinded by your own sweat and struggling to take a seat the next day 😂😂 can always count on you for some good HIIT exercises to add into my routines.

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