30 Min DEFINED ABS WORKOUT at Home | No Equipment | No Repeat

This is a no repeat 30 minute ab and you can do anywhere, focusing on the…


28 thoughts on “30 Min DEFINED ABS WORKOUT at Home | No Equipment | No Repeat

  1. my first attempt in this workout and I held myself for 4 minutes straight! Later my arms were numbe so I fell to the side🤣
    Doing workouts of Caroline for almost a month now.

  2. this is a great workout! I've been doing it for almost a week now and I'm seeing great results. I have used other workout videos but none have shown the results this one has, in such a short amount of time!

  3. Anyone else’s arms just not strong enough to do the plank? My abs muscles are definitely able to do a 4 minute plank but my arms just can’t hold up my body

  4. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for the amazing videos!!! Do you have any tips for people with scoliosis when working out? especially when trying to keep your back on the floor when doing ab exercises to keep the core engaged – I find it harder to keep my spine on the floor cause it feels like my spine just can't stay there (or is it just me haha) 😅

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