3 of the best exercises to switch on lazy glutes | Feat. Tim Keeley | No. 21 | Physio REHAB

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Here are my 3 top to fire up and…


49 thoughts on “3 of the best exercises to switch on lazy glutes | Feat. Tim Keeley | No. 21 | Physio REHAB

  1. Exercise your glutes so when you become older, you're in good shape, or else it's going to walk like a penguin, they're no joke, to what I'm saying.
    My glutes are in bad shape and I walk side to side. It's going to take months to get back to normal. Teaching yourself how to walk again.
    I already went through this for another reason, I was in an accident, the drunken driver hit us, head-on. I end up with 2 broken legs, broken hip and
    in the hospital for 2 months, I wouldn't move my body. I was in traction, where you've sand holding the pulleys straight and putting weight on my hip.
    Fastwards, I came home in a wheelchair, I couldn't just get up and walk, I had to learn how to walk again. Baby steps with a wheelchair behind me at all times.
    Each day I would take steps ( Keep in mind, I didn't have PT, I taught myself ). It was all about steps and balance.
    The next step was the walker, I did this for 4 months, none of this was easy, very stressful.
    I didn't have the walker any longer, I started walking on my own.
    Like, I said above, I'm now having to teach myself how to walk normally because I'm walking side by side/ walking like a penguin and this isn't easy either. My glutes are weak.

  2. Terrific, clear instruction! Have an SI injury and have been told I have virtually no glutes to support core! 🙈🥺 Have not engaged with exercise for fitness before but thanks to your brilliant video today marks day one! Goal: no pain (and a peachy bum! 😉👏🏻)

  3. Absolutely brilliant video I'm slowly building my core back I'm a Postal worker. I walk 5 hours a day solid not stop so you can imagine what happens….

  4. Hi<watching your video now,im 63 and have had more then 5 falls,and hurt my butt and hamstrings,,i rode a bike fir too long and hurt my butt,then i raised my bed ontoo milk crates,cause the rails kept falling apart.,so can i still do these stretches if my hips are off a bit.,,and y ribs hurt also,thankyou stay safe.,i eat good no bad habbits.

  5. oh my gosh everything about the bridge in this video has helped me so much!! Every time I've tried the bridge, following other advice, I pretty much only feel it in my lower back and thighs. Thank you!!

  6. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your tutorial, I will try these exercises, my hamstrings and glutes are aching slightly when sitting, I think your guidance should help.

  7. Now I realized why I haven't guick results with my glute exercises. Next time I will hit them all the time like you!!!! Thanks 😊😊😊

  8. OMG thank you.
    Been trying the glute bridge for a couple days but kept doing it wrong, your tip of thinking as your feet through the floor was the trick i needed. Can actually feel my glutes working instead of my back and legs.

  9. wow, great content! I just subbed. I am looking to book some online physical therapy sessions from you. I wonder if you have a US business entity that would accept medical insurance. I am weighing my options, so would like to know if sessions will at least partially covered by my US health insurance. Thanks and cheers!

  10. How do I know my glutes are 'lazy'? Why don't I 'activate' other muscle groups? Yes you feel you glutes tighten and fatigue when you do these type of exercises but it has little carry over to how our bodies actually function. Movement is not driven through conscious queuing and tightening of muscle groups…..just try walking down the street and tightening your glutes every step! Mobilizing your hip capsule and foot and ankle to allow your lower extremity to naturally react to loads, steps, lunges has more carry over. Take a look at http://www.grayinstitute.com for a deeper insight.

  11. hopefully someone will find an exercise where the glute actually gets activated without all this "glute activiation" mindgames nonsense. Ive tried all of these tips, without ever finding the magic glute activation key, all that happens is I cramp in the hammies.

  12. I have scoliosis and I am quad dominant…I am struggling so bad with this. I go to physical therapy 1 to 2 times a week and I just cannot get my quads to turn off to let my glutes work.

  13. Thanks Tim. I have a long standing left proximal hamstring tendonopathy. Are these glut. muscle activating exercises appropriate or will they overload the hamstring tendon?

  14. These were Excellent. As others said, it's about the best video I've seen online about pre-heavier-stuff exercises. It is Just what I needed, and the explanations are so clear, simple, thorough, and also caring and light-hearted. The accent is fun (okay I have an accent? American) and of course the glute-slapping drew funny comments. But So helpful: thank you, thank you!!

  15. When I do the face down one, my hamstring actually fires first, then my glute.

    How to fix?

    I know I have Lazy Glutes. When going to sprint from a standstill, I have no power, and a pain in my glutes.
    And I can feel it in my hamstrings.
    But when I am already running, I can accelerate fine, but it is still my hamstrings working.

  16. I'm trying so hard to do my left glute and can't! I try to clench my cheek but can only feel it in my hamstring. My right cheek works too well and there is a huge difference in visual appearance as well. I don't know how to activate the left cheeks at all if I can't even do these. As I sit here typing, I got it to trigger for like 2 seconds but can't keep it

  17. One question. I have seen people either put the band above the keen or below the knee to work on this excercise. I wonder which one is better or correct

  18. THANKS a lot!

    I was blown away by GoROM 's video on testing if your glutes fired equally and tried his 2 exercises for activation.
    I just got me some ankle weights (happy days!), so of course I was only strapped in the left side (as there was perceptible difference in his diagnostic tool there!) .. Was feeling impatient however at the sleepy activation (I'm a dancer so admit to feeling a bit betrayed by my left glute all these years?!?! 😂)
    Anyway, in your video, i loved getting in deeper, learning more about how tis all put together. Then I had a brainwave. Put that second ankle weight also on my left side!!!

    Thanks so much 💗

  19. Any exercises for torn gluetus medius and minimus muscles? My mri showed that i have them torn on both sides of my hips. I have groin and butt pain. Been through PE but nothing has corrected it yet. I'm about ready to go for a cortisone shot since I've had this problem for about 1 year.

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