3 Herniated Disc Exercises

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35 thoughts on “3 Herniated Disc Exercises

  1. Perfect detailing. I was doing those exercises and they hurt me. I was doing it wrong under supervision of licensed PT in office. Devil in details. Appreciate this doctor!!!!

  2. back day deadlift then Lower back extension then upper back work out after day squat and leg press nowww im death so badly pain I had pain before little when I rest pain goes way but I guess this pain not go way look what should I do

  3. one day i play football and when i jump, with his knee knock me in my waist and its very pain from that day when i take tuff exercise my waist is very pain i cannot run properly near my waist muscle pull me buts about 20 minutes its not pain and when i ban down about 10 minutes its very pain how to solve

  4. I have small tears in both shoulders. I can't do the first two exercises and I can't get onto the floor and back up.
    Any ideas on what exercises I COULD DO?

  5. Interesting…I have 2 disc problems, a bulge at L4/L5 and a herniation at L5/S1…horrendous pain for 6 months….but extensions make it worse, flexion is good…I would never ever do cobra pose or anywhere near it!…what's been helping me are the cat/cow', the Stuart McGill 'big 3' , and lots of glutes exercises such as clamshells and bridges

  6. Thank you for the very informative video, Dr. Oliver.

    Could you also demonstrate how to get up from the ground as painlessly after the first two exercise routines. I was looking for that tip at 7:40 but the video cuts to the next exercise.

    If one is not inclined to do these on the ground, can they use a flat bed?

  7. Thanks sooo much Dr. Oliver!!! I'm going to try these exercises. Hope they help alleviate some of my lower back pain. Take care, & GOD BLESS!!! 😀

  8. After just 2 days of doing these exercises, I have gone from being in absolute agony to being almost back to normal. Thank you very much, great advice and step by step instructions.

  9. I had an operation 2 years ago. My last MR says I still have two herniated discs and I have a serious pain and very low life quality. So what I need to know is that after doing these exercises for some time, can they sove the herniated disc problem totaly? If its so, how long does it take?

  10. Cool I'm trying them right now. The exercise on the stomach really is uncomfortable for my back. It's like my spine is tightly wound elastic that wants to snap there. I stopped.

  11. I didn’t understand why the last exercise was given ..how is it effective in low back pain..if u can explain that will be helpful

  12. i'm only 16 years old boy and i'm also an ethical Hacker…….i'm having backpain in this age about 1month…….i want to sit longer that is why i'm having this…….i tryed exercises, gone to hospital still back pain not reliefed……i think my pain is coming from my musicles……..can you please help me??

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