21 Days To Reduce Butt Size – Home Workout

If you think you have a larger-than-normal buttocks then you can reduce size easily at home…


39 thoughts on “21 Days To Reduce Butt Size – Home Workout

  1. I am doing if from three days, till now no visible changes has came but I am sweating in this more than any other exercise. Is it ok if I take 10second more rest time in between few exercises, I feel alot of pain in arm and legs after doing this.

  2. I've been doing this workout and believe me I've seen such an amazing change in my lower body it has reduced alot. Also i eat moderately and do a cheat meal once in a week like on sunday. And drink more of green tea. So you all who is wondering that will this work or not IT WILL WORK JUST GIVE IT A TRY THE PROGRESS IS SLOW BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT IN THE END!!! 😍❤️

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