The #1 Strategy Men Use To Manipulate Women & Waste Their Time

The #1 Strategy Men Use To Manipulate Women

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Let me reveal to you the #1 trick that men use on women. I’m not gonna lie, it’s funny how easy it is and it’s funny how predictable women could be sometimes. Guys are gonna be pretty mad at me for making this video but I’ll tell the guys this: If you’re watching this video, don’t worry about it because they don’t listen to me anyway.

What you got to understand is that this is something that a lot of you guys, I will tell you this and you would still fall for it. You’re still gonna fall for it because it plays into your weaknesses. You see, you could tell me anything that you could tell me and I won’t pay attention to you but as soon as you tell me something that pertains to my fantasies and dreams, you have my attention. The reason why women get caught with this is because they have deep, intense desires. When somebody tells you that there’s a possibility that this could happen, your rational mind shuts down and your emotions begin to control you.

The strategy is this: telling you what you want to hear. Smart guys would look at what the woman wants and rather than talking about what he wants, he’ll talk about what you want. If you like him, he’ll tell you that he wants what you want too. What happens is that when he said that, you begin to have an image of him in your head and as a result, you end up falling in love with him. It’s because of the image in your head and his promise that he wants to do what you want to do too. You sort of believe it and sort of expect it to happen and that makes you anxious and like him more.

What I tell to guys is this: If a girl wants a relationship, don’t tell her you just want to fuck because that turns them off. Just say that you want a relationship too BUT that you’d like to take your time. That makes a woman go along with it but without her knowing it, she’s falling for him. What happens then when it’s time to pay up is he says he’s done.

When you notice that somebody says “maybe” in the future, don’t wait for them and say “no problem”. Say to let you know when he’s available and that you’ll keep seeing other people but when things are good, he lets you know. In other words, you don’t wait for anybody. Don’t buy into their fantasies in the beginning, let people prove themselves to you.

Keep yourself distance for the first two months. Let him show you consistency and let him show you that he’s gonna be there without you needing to watch my channel to make him come back. When you need to watch my channel consistently to make a guy return, it’s not meant to be. Just move on.

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