Psychological Trick To Build Attraction With Women (That Can Give You A More Attractive Voice)

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So recently a number of people were commenting why my voice sounded a bit deeper…and it’s funny…I hadn’t consciously worked on it but I realised why that may have happened…

I realised it was because of a concept that I’ve discovered years ago. I’ve been using this idea for years whenever I needed to feel more connected with people, specifically with women on dates or on the phone.
In fact I’ve found this single mindset helpful in almost ANY situation in life where you need to connect with people or specifically women…On a date it helps to get rid of nerves and opens you up and gives the girl that strange feeling that you’re already a couple…

And as a side effect it relaxes your voice and gives you a more resonated, warm and deeper voice that makes anyone feel more connected with you, especially women.

Having a more manly, deeper more attractive voice has a lot to do with how relaxed you are and how connected to feel to the person you’re talking to….so use this trick to feel connection with total strangers and notice the difference in your voice and your body.

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