Exercise Routine to Improve At The Sitting Rising Test – The Science

In this segement from EET Fitness’ Time To Get Fit TV Show we show you a specific exercise routine that covers a weekly plan to improve your health and fitness and your score on the SRT that can actually help you live longer! This segment covers EET 10 moves to be bulletproof from Injury! For more background and details see the full TV show here:


A recent clinical study showed that one simple exercise, The Sitting Rising Test (SRT) was a strong predictor of when 2000 patients from age 51-80 would die.
What is the SRT, how do you score it, and most importantly, how can you improve at it are all covered in this video including science based completely new Beginner, intermediate and Advanced Exercise routines designed to LIVE LONGER.

Be sure to also watch Pt 2 which covers a Go Easy Fitness Exercise Routine anyone can do that includes EET’s 10 Bulletproof from Injury moves–also based on concepts for a longer, better quality of life no matter what your fitness level is today!

Taken from EET Fitness’ Go Easy Fitness Book.

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