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Let me tell you about the 7 things that women do that men find creepy. Don’t do these things, don’t you dare! This is the kind of stuff that I don’t teach.

The first thing you should not be doing is planning the next date on the first date. There is no benefit of planning a second date with a guy on the first date. The only thing it does is that it releases emotions. You’re not strategically doing it, you’re just releasing emotion. You’re only being selfish and you’re not thinking about the guy being turned off by that. It looks too desperate, too fast and too soon.

The second thing is leaving your stuff in his house on the first date because to the guy, it looks like you’re trying to put your territory. It gives the wrong impression and it’s creepy because you’re trying to do it too soon.

The third thing is having mood swings. I tell you guys to be hot and cold from time to time, I mean, once a month not every other day.

The fourth one is being too slutty on the first date. If you’re nasty, keep it vanilla on the first date and bring out the nastiness on the third date. Have some restraint.

The fifth one is telling him how great you are. This makes you look like you’re trying to overcompensate. Do not make statements about yourself to try to show them how good you are. Every time a woman does it, it looks desperate. Don’t tell people what you are.

The sixth thing is giving nicknames on the first date.

The seventh is complimenting a guy. you can compliment a guy but just don’t over compliment him. In fact, don’t even compliment him at all. They may like the compliment but they’ll think you have ulterior motives.

People are very fickle and when they sense that they’re better than you, who you are in their heads automatically changes. They won’t see who you are but their perception of you. This is something you can’t control at a certain point, just don’t make these mistakes.

Here’s a link to the article version: https://mindfulattraction.org/blog/2019/7/10/7-things-that-women-do-that-men-find-creepy

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