5 Lower Ab Exercises That Give You VISIBLE Lower Abs (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)

This video covers 5 lower abs exercises that will help you develop the lower part of the rectus abdominis. According to numerous scientific studies (cited below) there are some exercises that are far better than others for targeting the lower abdominals. Before I filmed this video I looked at the EMG Activity tests and tried out over 50 lower abs exercises. This video covers the 5 lower ab moves that I consistently find myself doing throughout the year.

I have become obsessed with lower ab training after seeing how my abs looked at around 8 percent body-fat last year at the peak of my shred, and I realized that my lower abdominals could have looked a lot blockier. This year i’ve prioritized lower ab training 2-3 times per week and do at least 10 sets per week and even at 10-12 percent body-fat my lower abdominals are a lot more visible this year. If you want visible lower abs you need to hit exercises that are more “bottoms up” based and move your pelvis to your chest. The exercises that target your lower abs the best ARE NOT traditional six pack abs and that is why so many guys lack lower ab definition.

You will also find a beginner and advanced version of all of these ab exercises. Make sure to watch until the very end of the video so you can screenshot my favorite ab workout that I recommend you do 3 times per week for the fastest development of your lower abdominals and v-shaped torso.

List of the 5 ab exercises mentioned in this video (5 beginner and 5 advanced):

Lower Ab Exercise 1:
Hanging knee raise (Beginner)
Hanging leg raise (Advanced)

Lower Ab Exercise 2:
Air sprints (Beginner)
weighted dip ups (Advanced)

Lower Abs Exercise 3: Swiss Ball Vertical Crunch (Beginner)
Weighted swiss ball crunch (Advanced)

Lower Abs Exercise 4: Reverse crunch (beginner)
Bottoms up crunch (Advanced)

Lower Ab Exercise 5: swiss ball roll ins (Beginner)
Swiss ball roll outs (Advanced)

List of references used to make this video:

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The best exercises for your lower abs

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