3 Evil Strategies to Make Him Fall in Love – Hacking Male Psychology

3 Evil Strategies to Make Him Fall in Love – Hacking Male Psychology

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I don’t teach this on my course The Psychological Game of Attraction but I do veer on this side a lot more than anything else. These strategies play into male psychology and into men’s weaknesses.

Male vanity and self-esteem is really their weakness so our first strategy is to cheat and dump. I don’t really recommend doing this since it’s not going to be nice and it depends on the guy but when it works, it works.

Pretty much when you cheat on someone and they found out and you dump them, you’re kicking their self-esteem to the gutter. They have two options, leave you and gain self-respect or stay with you and lose their self-respect. In the process of this, they’ll end up falling in love with you but the kind of love is resentful. When you mess with a guy’s self-esteem, they can end up very vindictive and they’ll end up wanting revenge one time or another so be careful with this.

When you cheat on someone, naturally you’ll apologize and this is what the people who got cheated on will expect but when you dump them, they will never live it down and they’ll come back to you wanting some form of revenge. That revenge is to give them their self-respect and self-worth back because you took it from them.

The second strategy is doing the hot and cold physically to get them emotionally invested. This is giving something a lot physically and stopping completely. You can do this after the first month and like on the fourth meeting, cancel and pull away completely. Test this by taking a day to respond and being as bland as possible and seeing how he’s going to react. Is he going to ask for more or does he pull back? If he pulls back that means you got yourself a guy with good self-esteem.

Also, find any excuse to be mean. Be physically sexy and emotionally mean.

The last one is selling the fantasy and pulling away. Find out or ask him about women he likes and why he liked them then become that woman. Ask the kind of relationship he wants and become it. Sell him that he found the perfect woman and one month after that, pull away. This is more effective because you’re mirroring his taste, meaning you do the things he likes to do and you find out what his exes do and do it to him. You become the perfect one but you also need to simultaneously find out what they did on him that he hated and hurt him, then start doing it after a month. Make sure that before you do the mean things, you pull away by not initiating any contact and stop asking questions.

This is the template of the evil strategies to make a guy fall for you and it’s messed up. This kind of strategy will create resentment.

Here’s a link to the article version: https://mindfulattraction.org/blog/2019/7/8/3-evil-strategies-to-make-him-fall-in-love-hacking-male-psychology

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