How to do 8-Count Bodybuilders, a Bodyweight Conditioning Exercise

Visit I was introduced to 8-Count Bodybuilders by a favorite distance client who is super into GORUCK. And so it’s his fault if you’re following my programs and don’t like these! Just kidding. I think that 8-count bodybuilders are a really great do-anywhere conditioning movement for people who have a requisite level of strength and core stability… you can use these in place of burpees in many cases if desired, and I find that people approach them with a little more control than burpees.

They definitely build and challenge the whole body when performed correctly. For the record, I do like to use burpees and burpee variations in my own workouts and for appropriately strong clients too….

In this video I demonstrate two versions – standard and another with the hands raised up on a tire for those who may be working on their mobility (for getting down on the ground without much drama) – or who need a little help with the push-up… but not TOO much help.

Visit my site, for a bunch of free workouts some of which include 8-Count Bodybuilders. There’s an example workout in my podcast episode #25 that uses them:


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