Japanese weight loss tip, just change the eating order

One of Japanese beauty queen in 60’s is this woman. She is 61 year old doctor in Japan. She dose lots of anti-aging practices of course, but one of her smal waist secrets is eating order. 1. Vegetable, 2. Protein, 3 Carbohydrate. and then repeat the vege, protein, carbohydrate order.

By eating vegetables, which habe fiber and enzyme, the fiber and enyzyme covers the protein in stomach, and slow down the absorption speed of the protein. And then eat carbohydrate. Eating carbohydrate at the last helps decrease sugar spike.

I know reducing carbohydrate is trend, but it’s important to eat carbo to some extent, otherwise you cannot move around, cannot use brain efficiently, or cannot stop eating chocolate.

Just change the order of eating. that’s it, easy, If you want to know more Japanese weight loss tips, visit miraiclinical.com and get the book, Less is More.

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