Indian Village Woman Cooking Kantola Recipe ककोड़ा प्याज Food on mud Stove – Rajasthani Life

असली राजस्थानी ककोड़ा प्याज की सूखी सब्जी | Authentic Rajasthani Marwari Curry Recipe : fried Phagila 
Primitive style cooking :This video shows the desi art of making food in the village of india.The villagers are fond of eating spicy food .They are habitual of cooking food in open ground . woman collect sticks for burning .She use makeshift burner by arranging 3 big bricks as primitive technology .Their food is still tasty . I love the inviting fragrance which comes from their food. The woman is wearing beautiful ornaments made of artificial gold. The woman is wearing veil as a tradition to hide the face from elders.This village culture of India is unique in world.
Wild Gourd Fries.Kantola belongs to the family of bitter guard though its not bitter at all.Phagila Koot (Kantola Curry)”.


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