My SIMPLE & QUICK GLOW SHOWER ROUTINE FOR YOUTHFUL SKIN (Exfoliating, Shaving 101, Brighter Skin)

Today I bring you all my Glow Shower Routine, quick & simple! Huge thanks to Leaf Shave for partnering with me on this video!

Leaf Shave:
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Getting that glowing, youthful skin doesn’t have to be a long process. Its more about the steps and products you use that can quickly give your skin that rejuvenating look and feel.

Face cleansing is very important especially for us #naturals who love oils in our hair. That oil often times touches our faces and over time can clog our skin pores; causing acne or overly oily skin. Proper face care is essential if you want that youthful look!
Exfoliating the body helps to keep away body acne, strawberry legs and rough feeling skin. Getting that dead skin off is very important so that your skin can feel renewed versus dull and dry. Try to only exfoliate as needed or schedule a time frame thats right for you, although I don’t recommend exfoliating every single day.
Body scrubs help to smooth out the skin before shaving and to also rid your skin of any dead skin cells!
When shaving be sure to have a moisturizing natural shaving cream, because sometimes those shaving creams contribute to drying out the skin and/or irritation on the skin.

My Natural Hair Growth Oil Here:
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▼What I use to do my scalp massages
Groove | Rejuvenating Scalp Massager


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