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To more effectively and efficiently train your back, learn how your muscles, bones, and joints work together to create movement. Back up your back training with science!
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It’s not uncommon to train the big, showy muscles on the front of your body when you first hit the gym. Your arms, pecs, and abs look great in the mirror, which makes it easy to neglect your back as a novice lifter. Your back, however, is just as important as the front of your body when it comes to aesthetics, strength, power, and performance.

People who are serious about creating a great physique know that a thick, wide back is going to distinguish them from other competitors, athletes, and lifters. Understanding the anatomy and movement patterns of your body will make your back training more effective and efficient. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to build an unbelievable back.

The back works as a seamless, integrated system. You’ll need a nice, stable spine, a strong scapula, and a healthy shoulder joint train your back effectively.

Look for the exercises and techniques discussed above in the weekly back workouts of the six-week Built by Science program. Watch all the overview videos before attacking the gym. Remember, you need to combine mind and muscle to build your best possible body.

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