Is Snake Diet Cardio Really The Best Type Of Cardio For Weight Loss?

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So if you’re a fan of intermittent fasting, then you’re probably going to be a fan of the Snake Diet. Cole Robinson, the crazy Snake Diet guy, is at it again with another one of his fasting and fat loss ideas: this time it’s Snake Cardio.

I’m all about the Snake Diet for weight loss, and I also believe that the best way how to build muscle is through controlling your insulin as well (through fasting). But is Snake Cardio the best type of cardio? And is it the best type of cardio for everyone?

If you want to learn how to build bigger muscles, then that’s easy: just work out more and eat more. But what if you want to lose weight? Just eat less and… do cardio? But what kind of cardio? Long fasted state cardio, like two hours on the bike? Or is burning fat fast best done by doing HIIT? Does it depend on your fitness level and overall health?

Maybe. Just watch the videooooo.

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