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Hi Amazing Friends,
I am a woman in my mid 50’s and being in my fabulous 50’s is amazing and probably the best time of my life so far.

You don’t need expensive fancy products to look and feel younger. Here, I reveal my secrets to looking younger over 50 to you.

As a mature woman over 50, I am more confident than ever and now that my kids are grown, I also have more me time to start doing new things.

I’ve always loved experimenting with different make up looks and clothes. I will share tips with you on skin and hair care, make up, clothes and style for the over 50s. As well as where to find great shopping bargains online.

Being 50 plus is also a time to start doing things you always wanted to and not a time to close down. You can live your dream, make new friends, see new places and experience new things. It is truly an amazing time.

The added benefit for me is that I live in Italy which is such a stylish place so I am also bringing you tips on how to get that famous Italian style and information on Italian life as well as food and eating etiquette.

I have experienced most things that living in Italy can throw at anyone, including food, men, and the utilities companies. Some of these experiences have been hilarious so I’ll be sharing anecdotes with you too.

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Join me on this adventure and feel amazing after 50.

Love you
Jan xoxo

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