Under-Eye Bag Cream VS Hemorrhoid Cream LIVE

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Okay, today is the day we’re going to test a hemorrhoid cream- this is a popular hemorrhoid cream- for under-eye bags versus Plexaderm under-eye bag cream and see which one works. And we’ll see if the idea of a hemorrhoid cream working on under eye bags is actually true. We have our team here witnessing this, and we have our model Richie. Thank you for being so brave in doing this, Richie.

No problem.

So why don’t you apply that. He’s applying the Plexaderm first, that’s to your right eye (if you’re looking at the screen). You’ve got some in the corner of your eye, Rich. And we’re going to put the hemorrhoid cream- gonna open up the hemorrhoid cream for you. Let’s see what this looks like coming out, Rich.


I would say that’s probably the right amount. Is that too much?

We’ll try it.

It’s a lot. Don’t get it in your eye!


It’s really…


Thick and goopy. I’m gonna have you not talk for a few minutes so we can let these creams set and see how they work. What do you guys think of the hemorrhoid cream?

It’s greasy.

Yeah, oily, greasy.

First of all, has anyone ever heard of anyone using hemorrhoid cream on under-eye bags? You guys are very young.

I’ve heard that at beauty pageants they use it on their thighs and under the eyes.

What about you youngsters?

No. I don’t know why anyone would want to put that on.

Before we say anything, I want to make the disclaimer: don’t take my advice for using hemorrhoid cream for under eye bags. I have NO IDEA if it’s safe- sorry Richie- I just hear people on Facebook were commenting “Plexaderm is the same thing as hemorrhoid cream”, so we said “Let’s put it to the test, and actually see what works.”

It looks like the Plexaderm is starting to work. I know it takes a few minutes, it hasn’t really taken full force yet. The hemorrhoid cream does look… greasy.

Yeah, shiny.

Looks like he’s crying.

Sorry Rich, but it does. But still, I think it’s interesting to see how they work. Posting this on social media is going to at least give people the true answer on hemorrhoid cream. We know that the Plexaderm does work.

Plexaderm is working already.

It’s working already. It always takes three, five minutes- for some people up to 10 minutes- to work, but it does work.

The other one hasn’t done anything. No change at all.

I agree with you.

I don’t see how a woman who uses [a brand name hemorrhoid cream] under her eye can put makeup on, because it’s so greasy.

I guess maybe you have to wipe it off before you put makeup on. But at this point it doesn’t look like there’s any difference on the hemorrhoid cream side, where on the Plexaderm side you can already see that the puffiness around the center has already gone down. Looks really impressive. Let’s check the other side, see how that looks. Which one looks better? From this side the Plexaderm looks a lot better. I don’t think the hemorrhoid cream did anything yet.

It didn’t change at all.

How long do people leave it on?

We’re going to wait- what- 10 minutes? If anyone’s waiting hours, then let us know! Wow, the Plexaderm worked unbelievable.

That’s amazing.

How long has it been? Not even five minutes?

Well, it’s four and a half, but we didn’t even start putting at the beginning. Much less.

Wow, what a difference. When you look straight on- it’s just crazy. That is crazy.


What a difference. Come look at the front. This is the Plexaderm side, as everyone knows, and this is the hemorrhoid cream side. Well we know Plexaderm works. It doesn’t matter how many times I see this.

It’s, like, almost flush already.

I think you busted that myth.

I think we did. We’ll have to try- I know people also said cucumbers, we’re gonna try that…

Egg whites.

Tea bags.

Tea bags- we’re going to try all of them, so that way if people feel like they work, they’ll know. And if they work, we’ll see it. Is that good enough? Do you guys want to keep filming? It looks like it’s even getting better. That’s amazing. Just amazing. I think we’ve proven the point. Does everyone agree?

Yes. Good job.

Plexaderm wins.

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