Dr. Bilquis Shaikh LIVE Session on Women Health Issues Hormonal Changes

Dr. Bilquis Sheikh a household name of Herbal and Natural remedies in Pakistan. She is a famous personality best known for her Tips, Totkas, weight loss totkay, remedies on Skin Problems, weight loss, acne, Whitening Cream, Soaps, open pores treatment, hair fall treatment and totkas

She was Born on August, 1972, in Chitral, northern area of Pakistan, Dr. Bilquis began to show an interest in herbs in early age. in 2005 she got a degree in Alternative Medicine Doctor (AMD) form Colombo Sri lanka and homeopathy from Pakistan, Through research and innovation in herbs she became one of the famous Herbalist in Pakistan.

In 2009 Dr. Bilquis has established a company called BSM Kreations Naturalize which works on herbal products and formulas to produce quality herbal medicine.

Some Best Totkas of Dr. Bilquis Sheikh

Dr. Bilquis Tips: Increase your Height (Qad Lamba Totka by Dr. Bilquis)

Dr. Bilquis Tips: Boost your kid’s Brain (bachon ka dimagh tez karne ka toka by Dr. Bilquis)

Dr. Bilquis Tips: Weight Loss Totka by Dr. Bilquis Sheikh (Wazan Kum Karne ka Totka by Dr. Bilquis Sheikh)

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The Fat Decimator System

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