Orangetheory –Toughest Workout We’ve Done!? (Get Jacked)

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Erin & Jarrett get their butts thoroughly kicked with the “orange theory” workout that uses high-tech science and high intensity interval training (or “HIIT”) to burn fat – FAST!!

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Maybe you’ve seen them in your town, maybe you’ve even been to one…but seriously, WTF is the ORANGE THEORY?!

This woman-owned biz and its trendy AF group workout has been making its way to cities all over the world – so you know we had to try it on Get Jacked!!

The “Orange Theory” is pretty simple: by achieving your MAX heart rate, apparently you’ll keep burning calories even after the exercise is over!! Magic?? Science?? Who knows.

During the circuit training, instructors monitor our heart rate to keep it pumping as much as humanly possible!! How?? Oh, only with a fitness blender of floor exercises, treadmill cardio, weight lifting, row machine, etc…basically, #RIPBodies.

ORANGE you glad we got to experience this?? HAHAHAHA….jk.

Thanks for watching the return of GET JACKED!!

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