21 Uses for Petroleum Jelly You Don’t Know About

Many of us would like to own just one inexpensive and effective item that we can use for self-care. In fact, this magical thing exists.

Did you know, for example, that you can apply some petroleum jelly to the eyelids before using eye shadows? To style your hair, rub petroleum jelly between your fingers and apply it to your hair. The main thing here, as with other styling gels, is not to use too much. Believe it or not, you can replace almost all of your cosmetics products with petroleum jelly. How is this possible? Watch the video and take note.

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– Before applying a bronzing cream, lubricate dry areas such as elbows and knees with petroleum jelly. The cream will cover your skin evenly, and you’ll get a beautiful tan.
– Before spraying perfume on the wrist and neck, apply some petroleum jelly to your skin. It absorbs and preserves the smell better.
– Squeeze a drop of petroleum jelly onto a clean brush, and comb the eyebrows, giving the hairs the desired direction. It will dry, and the eyebrows will keep the correct shape for the whole day.
– Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the eyelashes before going to sleep. It can help them grow faster and thicker over time.
– Apply petroleum jelly to dry hair ends, and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. The product seals the split ends, and after several uses the condition of the hair will be much better.
– Apply petroleum jelly to the hairline while working with henna or dye. It will protect the skin from staining.
– When painting the nails, apply a little petroleum jelly to the cuticle, without touching the nail. This way you prevent the nail polish from getting on the skin.
– If you regularly rub Vaseline into the nail plate, it will get a glossy shine and become more solid over time.
– You’ll cope with a stuck zipper much more quickly if you lubricate the problem area with petroleum jelly. You can also use it for rusty buttons and furniture fittings.
– If you stained your clothes with lipstick or foundation, apply a little petroleum jelly to the stain. Then wash in the usual way.
– To prevent the nail polish lid from sticking to the bottle after use, lubricate the thread inside the lid or on the bottle with petroleum jelly.

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