How to Do Reverse Curls With Dumbbells – Great Exercise for Building Bigger Forearms

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** How to Do Reverse Curls – Great Exercise for Building Bigger Forearms **

If you’re looking for an exercise to add to your routine to build bigger forearms, the reverse curl is a great option. And in this short video, you’re going to discover exactly how to do a reverse curl. I’m going to demonstrate the finer form points that make this exercise so effective, along with some recommendations on sets and reps for your routine. Enjoy!

How to do a reverse curl – the setup (0:35)

Not surprisingly, the setup for the reverse curl is pretty simple, just a pair of dumbbells. And if you’re unsure about what weight to use, try starting 10-15 lbs lighter than the weight you use for regular bicep curls.

Now, what makes the reverse curl different is how we position the dumbbells. Instead of having your palms facing out, we’re going to turn our hands over to target the forearm muscle (brachioradialis).

The Reverse Curl Form Tutorial (1:12)

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the reverse curl setup let’s look at how to do this exercise properly. As you’ll discover, there are a few key form points that really drive the effectiveness of this exercise. The reverse curl is all about staying slow & controlled.

And if you’re interested in taking the reverse curl to the next level, using a pair of fat grips on the dumbbell handles will work those forearms even more.

How to work reverse curls into your routine (3:08)

Because the reverse curl is more of a finesse exercise, it’s best used at the end of your arm workout to get an extra pump on your forearms. Generally, doing something like 3 sets of a higher rep range (10-20) is going to get you the best results.

Hope you enjoy this quick guide on how to do a reverse curl. Subscribe and stay tuned for more great tutorials like this!

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