Traditional Coconut Ladoo | Easy Way of Cooking Delicious Narikel Naru/ball Recipe For Village Kids

Coconut Ladoo Recipe | Easy and Simple Way of Cooking Narikel Naru/ball Recipe For Village Kids

Coconut ladoo or coconut ball (Narikel naru) is one of the most traditional food in our Indian Subcontinent. In our country, no one exist who do not like this coconut ladoo.
Each and every, child to old, man to woman, girl to boy, husband wife, everyone like this food as snakes very much.

At winter season, the every housewife of village life serves puffed rice and coconut ladoo every morning. Puffed rice with coconut ladoo is also one of the
famous traditional food in our village life.

Today, we have made coconut ladoo in a easy and simple way.

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Sugarcane molasses
Cinnamon Sticks


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