5 Penis Enlargement Exercises to Increase Penis Size

Exercise to increase penis size is always been an economical and gradual process to gain some plus points in the penis health, appearance and performance.

7 Penis Enlargement Exercises to Increase Penis Size

In this video to increase penis size, we have picked 5 best and most rated penis enlargement exercise which can bring the real changes in the penis size and girth besides increasing the intercourse timing and stamina.

Let’s check one by one.

1. Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing exercise gives the direct benefit in the length and girth of the penis. The tricky exercise which needs skills, patience, and understanding to execute properly.

2. Kegel Exercises

One of the most important and benefiting exercises of all is Kegel Exercises, also known as PC muscles exercises. This exercise is divided into four phases, which go from easy to moderate. Kegel exercises are beneficial for improving the erection quality, erection stability, intercourse timing and curing premature ejaculation.

3. Opposite Stretch

This is also an effective exercise to increase penis size. The exercise is done in 0-30% erection, if you gain more erection, stop the exercise right there. The exercise is done the same way as penis extender works.

4- Backward Pul

This exercise helps in stretching exercise, increases holding capacity, works to increase size, and improves erection capacity. Achieve the erection between 30 to 60% to do this exercise. It is an exercise that can be done by anyone but need a bit of more care.

5- Thumb Stretcher

It is a bit difficult exercise, good for increasing the size of penis. But you should start doing this after you get used to doing the other exercises like Kegel and Jelqing. This exercise can be done in 0-30% erection.

All the above exercises are scientifically proven and displayed with how to do step by step!

Best of luck!

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