Interviewing for JOBS when you’re OVER 50 and Seniors

Job interviewing when you are over 50. How to get hired for jobs as a senior. I am 50 so my impressing an employer to hire me as apposed to a younger person adds another layer of burden.

Being 50, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I just helped a 67 year young woman land a $125K management position. I’m not saying I can do that for you because I can’t — She landed the job; I didn’t. I just helped with her confidence and technique and she did the rest. In the end, she did not see her age as a drawback, but as a bonus with years of experience that would squash any 22 year old professional. If you see your age as a problem, then so will your interviewer.

Lead with your many years of stable and proven job experience, that you know how to get things done and most importantly, that you are a solution to their problems.

If you look at your age as a drawback, then so will they and that will be your downfall and you’ll have a harder time getting hired.

It’s more of a mindset than anything, but it’s very important to think positive and use what you have, and forget about what you do not have.

I understand your situation, and I hear from many 50 something’s with the same concerns you have. I would suggest forgetting about your age and focus on getting the job, not how they are going to perceive you because you’re 50.

Do this and you have a much easier time overcoming age objections.

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