Best foods to eat on an empty stomach – Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

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As soon as you wake up, your brain takes an inventory to how much protein, how much calcium and how much other nutrients are there in the body. So if you do not have nutrients it starts borrowing from the body. So for protein it borrows from your muscle, for calcium it borrows from your bones. So we have to always keep the quota of these nutrients ready so that the brain doesn’t borrow and we don’t have defiance diseases later. Protein rich foods are the best suitable to take as soon as you wake up. You can take milk, sattu, 7 grains porridge and wheat porridge and ragi porridge and so many other foods you can take on an empty stomach including fruits and almonds and all the dry fruits that are rich in proteins that are very good for morning breakfast and also eggs, boiled eggs, or scrambled eggs or omelette and omelette and bread. Nowadays we have lot of choices in India, like we can take idli, dosa, millet dosa, ragi dosa, moong dosa and so many other things like khichdi, Pongal, appam, idiyappam, there are endless varieties of foods available in India that we can have in the morning breakfast a s soon as we take our first meal. So stay healthy.


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