Cinnamon Tea Benefits – 5 ways to enjoy cinnamon tea | Cinnamon Tea Recipe

Cinnamon Tea Benefits – 5 ways to enjoy cinnamon tea | Cinnamon Tea Recipe.

Have you ever drank cinnamon tea? We will introduce the variety of how to drink – and how to enjoy it, along with the efficacy of cinnamon tea with outstanding health benefits.

Cinnamon tea is useful for detoxification in the body, decrease in blood glucose level, weight loss effect, normalization of menstrual cycle and so on. In addition , cinnamon tea rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and B1 is effective for alleviating dyspepsia.

Cinnamon with a characteristic scent and relaxing effect is also recommended for fragrance – such as home, workplace, and car.

Excellent effect of cinnamon tea:
To maximize the effect of cinnamon, it is recommended to drink as cinnamon tea. Cinnamon releases health-beneficial ingredients at the extraction stage.

Always get tired of drinking the same cinnamon tea, so please try the recipe and various flavors introduced in this video……

1. Cold Cinnamon Tea
2. Cinnamon ice cream
3. Cinnamon tea yogurt
4. Cinnamon tea
5. Cinnamon beef stew with potatoes.

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