20 Minute NO REPEAT Full Body Workout With Weights | No Jumping!

This boredom-busting, NO REPEAT with Weights is STRENGTH TRAINING without all…


32 thoughts on “20 Minute NO REPEAT Full Body Workout With Weights | No Jumping!

  1. that was so hard! I am 6 months post partem and really struggling to get in a groove with 3 littles but I am working to have grace on myself and be proud when I get even a quick one in. thanks!

  2. Love this low impact & high intensity workout. I didn’t think that I’d make it to the end of a short 20 min. workout with only 2 x 6.5kgs and 2 x 2.5 kgs dumbbells. Your positive & encouraging coaching really helped. This one is now one of my new fave go-to workouts.

  3. I love no repeat workouts. But I was so tired and slowed down I made it through two of the last move. My brain was struggling to wrap around the order of all the moves.

  4. I loved this workout! The only thing was that some of the explanations of the exercises were a little rushed and so I ended up doing them incorrectly and having to rewind and rewatch them. I understand the pace needs to be kept up but it kind of defeats the purpose when I have to rewind and go back to see how to do the move correctly. Just some constructive criticism. I love the no repeat format though and all the exercises were fantastic! Thank you!!

  5. Loved this! ❀️
    Thank you for the warm up and cool down as well as all the options for those of us who may have injuries or are more advanced in age! Lol Keep up the great work ❀️🌸

  6. So good!!😎πŸ”₯ question….after a workout like this, when would you suggest getting some protein in? I’ve found many different answers to this question but what is it that you do? Thanks!

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